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What is e-Cover?

e-Cover has been conceived and designed by experienced educationalists with the ‘Workforce Reforms’ in mind.

e-Cover, e-Timetable and e-Options are a suite of 3 integrated Bromcom Products.

Adding Supply StaffArranging cover for staff absence is a necessary task which on the day must be completed quickly and efficiently. e-Cover supports the Cover Supervisor in this task with helpful on- screen support, colour features and visual indicators. Typing is unnecessary as e-Cover works with convenient drag-and-drop features.

Maximum hours for staff can be set globally and, if required, individually for each member of staff for the day, week and academic year. This information is available to the Cover Supervisor at all times.

Why e-Cover?
e-Cover provides schools with a user friendly interface to deal with both unforeseen staff absence + planned absence quickly & efficiently minimising disruption to the school day.

  • Covers a complete day of teacher absence or individual sessions with one simple drag and drop mouse move
  • Tabbed screens for ease of navigation between views with expanded and contracted views at the click of a mouse
  • Full colour coding on the ‘Daily Cover Screen’, allowing the user to easily plan and review the cover

Features & Benefits

  • A fast and efficient program allowing staff cover to be completed quickly
  • Cover using ‘sessions’ or ‘time’, supporting the ‘Workforce Reforms’
  • Cover directly to WinFolder, My Page and through the internal school e-mail system Coloured sessions on the Daily Cover
  • Screen to see at a glance what type of cover has been set
  • Helpful visual indicators to let the user know when a member of staff or the first Session is fully covered

For more information contact the Bromcom Sales Office on 020 8290 7171 or email

Bromcom Galaxy Suite

Operating at a level above your MIS (Bromcom MIS, SIMS & others)
  • MyChildAtSchool SD (SIMS Direct)
  • Teacher's WebFolder SD (SIMS Direct)
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    Bromcom MIS

    The Bromcom MIS provides capabilities for entering test and assessment scores, building timetables, tracking attendance and managing many other student-related data needs in a school.

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