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Bromcom MIS


What is e-Administration?
The heart of the system. This module allows the school to create and maintain student, contact, governor and staff information. Admissions, Exclusions, CTF Import and Export are all presented in an easy to follow way.

All School, LA and DCSF requirements are covered. You can define any other fields you need e.g. to record locker numbers, tag those going on a school trip etc.

Who is it for?
e-Administration is for schools that are looking for an improvement on their current existing school Management Information System or for those who do not have a system in place and are looking for a brand new, purpose built product specifically designed to be the most user-friendly system available.

Why have we developed it?
e-Administration has been developed in response to the many requests we have received from schools that are dissatisfied with the current MIS products available, and who require a purpose built product that fully meets their needs.

Key Features Include

  • Electronic data capture
  • Developed using the latest Browser .NET technology
  • Fully integrated SQL database running under Microsoft SQL Server, allowing for rapid data access for multiple users
  • Fully compliant with the latest CBDS specification
  • Capable of creating and reading Common Transfer Files (CTF) and generating PLASC files

Student Summary Page

For more information contact the Bromcom Sales Office on 020 8290 7171 or email

Bromcom Galaxy Suite

Operating at a level above your MIS (Bromcom MIS, SIMS & others)
  • MyChildAtSchool SD (SIMS Direct)
  • Teacher's WebFolder SD (SIMS Direct)
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    Bromcom MIS

    The Bromcom MIS provides capabilities for entering test and assessment scores, building timetables, tracking attendance and managing many other student-related data needs in a school.

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