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What is e-Behaviour?
Bromcom's e-Behaviour module is a powerful, highly configurable tool, enabling schools to log behavioural events of any kind quickly and easily. e-Behaviour is accessed through the e-School MIS screens and uses the same class lists. This makes it easy for teachers to use and, as experience has shown, leads to regular logging of both positive and negative events. These events are recorded separately and can be individually reported.

Features & Benefits

  • e-Behaviour is designed to enable schools to collect, monitor and report behavioural data, quickly and efficiently
  • Data is collected at source by teachers using Laptop/PCs, Bromcom folders or Pocket PDAs and can be sent back via a wireless or hardwired network
  • The school’s discipline and reward systems are mapped to a flowchart and teachers enter school defined codes for behavioural events
  • Pre-set event thresholds in the flow chart trigger actions by the relevant staff
  • Reports, behavioural logs, detention lists, letters to parents, merit certificates and much more can be generated by the system
  • The behavioural history of any pupil is available to teachers and senior management at anytime, throughout the school
  • Administers current behaviour management policies electronically
  • Provides a full log of positive and negative discipline events and logs action taken by staff – what was done, when and by whom
  • Eliminates the bureaucracy normally associated with paper-based schemes and addresses the issues of social inclusion
  • Presents analysis of events, by pupil, by class and by teacher and refers pupils to Form Tutor, Head of Year, SENCO etc, as relevant

New Features

  • Detention Management & Scheduling
  • Manual Process
  • Process by data range
  • Scheduled Process
  • Process Individual Events

Ashby School e-Behaviour Case Study Read more here (PDF)

For more information contact the Bromcom Sales Office on 020 8290 7171 or email

Bromcom Galaxy Suite

Operating at a level above your MIS (Bromcom MIS, SIMS & others)
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  • Teacher's WebFolder SD (SIMS Direct)
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    Bromcom MIS

    The Bromcom MIS provides capabilities for entering test and assessment scores, building timetables, tracking attendance and managing many other student-related data needs in a school.

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