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Bromcom MIS


e-Contact provides a powerful tool for communication between schools and parents and, where appropriate, Education Welfare Officers and parents.

The facility allows you to communicate more freely and effectively than ever before and since it utilises an automated process, communication is possible without encroaching on staff teaching time. With the wide range of pupil data collected by the Bromcom MIS software, e-Contact can now instantly notify teaching staff, Education Welfare Officers and parents of first day absences, anti-social behaviour or outstanding performance.

Attendance and other data fed into the Bromcom MIS server acts as the trigger for the e-Contact system. For example, a set number of unauthorised absences by a particular pupil may instantly send an SMS text message to a parent.

Using attendance data collected via the Bromcom MIS, a special watch can be kept on pupils where attendance is causing concern -especially where truancy (either total or lesson truancy) is suspected or has been proven in the past.

What are the benefits?

  • Automated system - the attendance officer has nothing to do with the system, which gets on with the job it is set up to do. In a busy school office this is a plus
  • Accurate - the system keeps all details of attendance including the time that the pupil arrives in school
  • Parents like it - you can't always contact parents at work, but as long as they have a mobile phone they can get a text message

Using Bromcom’s absence notification software prevents staff from having to undertake the chore of chasing absences. The target audience can be notified on the first day of absence via mobile phone, fax, e-mail or letter generation.

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Bromcom Galaxy Suite

Operating at a level above your MIS (Bromcom MIS, SIMS & others)
  • MyChildAtSchool SD (SIMS Direct)
  • Teacher's WebFolder SD (SIMS Direct)
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    Bromcom MIS

    The Bromcom MIS provides capabilities for entering test and assessment scores, building timetables, tracking attendance and managing many other student-related data needs in a school.

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