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Bromcom MIS


What is e-Messaging?

e-Messaging This is an internal school communication facility, which sends text messages between the teachers and other school staff, including the school office, and between the school office and pupils, via a teacher. It is not a replacement for mainstream email provision and is instead a useful supplementary messaging service to work in parallel to mainstream email, and designed to help with the typical transient messages that are passed around during a typical school day. Often referred to as Bromcom email it can also send one-way messages to individual staff and to defined groups such as “the Senior Leadership Team or “the Heads of Year" etc. This facility also provides the interface for Bromcom's Safety and Security alerts, with full auditing.

Message to a teacher

For more information contact the Bromcom Sales Office on 020 8695 8080 or email

Bromcom Galaxy Suite

Operating at a level above your MIS (Bromcom MIS, SIMS & others)
  • MyChildAtSchool SD (SIMS Direct)
  • Teacher's WebFolder SD (SIMS Direct)
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    Bromcom MIS

    The Bromcom MIS provides capabilities for entering test and assessment scores, building timetables, tracking attendance and managing many other student-related data needs in a school.

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