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Why Bromcom?

Our award winning business has worked with schools for over 30 years. We believe that integrated functionality, a low annual charge and a cracking user interface is just what schools are looking for..

One-Stop Shop

One-Stop Shop

Why should you have to outsource so many tasks that should be included within the MIS? We think it makes sense to have all your data and functionality in one place, so no more bolt-ons and additional contracts.



We’re always innovating and developing tools to make life easier for schools. Bromcom is the only MIS that has Microsoft Power BI integrated into the product, allowing you to develop your own customised graphical dashboards at School or Trust level. ​

Easy to use

Easy to use

Our interface is the newest on the market and stands out as a modern interface, devoid of clutter but feature rich.  ​

Why is Bromcom the No.1 choice for a Cloud MIS and Finance?

What our Schools say about Bromcom

"What was quite impressive was in between the first presentation and in person demo, there was the addition of the walk through help function. It was clear that there was those kinds of developments going on all the time, and from a feature point of view, and the fact that you were willing to continuously develop your product is what helped us to decide you were better for us."

Gary Towers

Assistant Headteacher
"The attendance team loves the Multi Academy Vision portal. They can see the whole trust from a single portal, rather than having to dip into individual instances to extract and collate data in spreadsheets. It has saved so much time."

Glenn Perrin

IT Strategic Lead
"The level of reporting has always been a key thing for me from Bromcom. Providing that value at MAT level where you can do something once, and transparently deploy it to multiple sites. Bromcom is the only MIS that does it natively and out of the box."

Daniel Barlow

Director of Data, Information and Systems
"We had the hosted MIS version onsite. When you come and look at the servers, and server upgrades, the amount of time and effort it takes to redeploy and upgrade hosted servers, was one of my main motivations to switch."

Dominic Taylor

Chief Operations Officer

and GDPR Lead

"Jason understood the product, talked clearly and was able to answer any questions. He didn’t come across as a sales man which is always good for education. I felt he was doing the right thing for the right reason."

Clive Jones

Secondaries Executive
"As a Trust we have several schools and may have more joining us in the future, it has helped to have one MIS provider and even though all of the schools have different requirements from the system we are able to set them up to suit the individual schools needs."

Debbie Williams

Data, Exams & Assessment Manager

Our Key Users

Bromcom’s working with over 800 schools over 60 MATs and over 20 LAs and LA Support Centres in the UK.

Bromcom’s Vision & Mission

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