The Bromcom Cloud MIS Primary

Bromcom Primary MIS is an extremely powerful, intuitive,and friendly primary school software solution. The package seamlessly brings together teachers, parents, senior leaders and administrators, helping them to maintain the very best in teaching and learning standards.

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The Bromcom cloud MIS Secondary

Bromcom Secondary MIS is an extremely powerful, intuitive, and friendly secondary school software solution. The package seamlessly brings together teachers, parents, senior leaders and administrators, helping them to maintain the very best in teaching and learning standards.

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MAT Vision

The Bromcom Multi-Academy Vision solution is purpose designed for multi-academy trusts and school federations with a role in overseeing the performance of their schools. It provides an online portal for viewing and aggregating data from multiple schools, partnered together in a Trust, or Federation.

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Bromcom Finance fully integrates with the Bromcom MIS allowing you to manage your finances with ease. It simplifies usually complex accounts processes, leaving you with more time for your every day activities and is fully compliant with the requirements of Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR).

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LA Whitepaper

This paper examines local authority aspects of switching to Cloud management information systems (MIS). My last paper identified distinct and quantifiable benefits from Cloud MIS for multi - academy trusts (MATs,). Local authority (LA) contexts are different, however. Can these benefits and cost savings be translated to LA - maintained school contexts? And what steps are needed to lead and manage this change locally?

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MAT Whitepaper

This paper highlights why Cloud matters in the management of information and data across schools, and why leading Multi - Academy Trusts (MATs) are shaking off outdated and expensive legacy systems in favour of modern, cost - effective Cloud - based infrastructure and management information system (MIS) software. Harris Federation switched to a new MIS solution last year, achieving crucial operational benefits as a result and making annual savings of 70% on the cost of MIS ownership in the process.

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TCO Whitepaper

We need total cost of ownership (TCO) thinking about local authority - wide school management information systems (MIS). The problem is that MIS costs are fragmented: no - one has oversight or ownership of costs across schools and local authority business units. Without this transparency and oversight, financial incentives for change are removed. What needs to happen to address this situation?

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Other Information


Bromcom Full Feature List

Bromcom MIS is feature-rich with a broad range of functionality. Many of our schools find they can reduce their need for third party products in areas such as seating plans, SMS messaging and homework because with Bromcom it is all in one central system. This removes the need to import / export data and reduces costs at the same time.

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GDPR Compliance and Privacy Statement

This statement explains how Bromcom complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is effective from 25th May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union.

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Bromcom's Advanced Report Builder

Advanced Report Builder (ARB) is a powerful new way to query and present data from your Bromcom MIS. Its sophisticated reports combine data from all areas of the MIS. ARB presents multiple queries in a single report in tabulated and graphical formats.

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Guidance to buying using the G-Cloud Framework

The following guidance is designed to assist schools, academies and multi-academy trusts procure Cloud services legally and effectively. Whilst Bromcom is unable to offer professional legal advice on procurement matters, this guidance is designed to bring to your attention the opportunities of using the G-Cloud Framework to procure services such as your Management Information System.

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My Child At School Brochure

MyChildAtSchool is an online portal that enables parents to view their child’s performance at school in real time via any modern web browser. The facility allows the child’s attendance, grades and behaviour to be accessed whenever the parent/carer wishes.

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Cloud vs. Local

Businesses, large and small are now fully embracing Cloud solutions to improve their services to customers and competitiveness in their marketplace. The UK Government recognised the saving and capabilities offered by Cloud solutions and has a “Cloud First” policy for local government organisations. It is a case of “when”, not “if” you change to Cloud and now is the right time.

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Cloud Self Certification

When entering into an agreement with a “cloud” service provider, every school/data controller has to be satisfied that the relevant service provider is carrying out its data processing as per their requirements (ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act (DPA) by the data controller and also the data processor by default).

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