Bromcom Finance is a robust accounting system that is fully integrated with Bromcom MIS making it unique in the market place. Once Finance is licenced, just update access rights for the relevant MIS users and/or add additional finance only users to give access to the Finance facilities.

Bromcom Finance lets you manage your finances with ease.

Primary School MIS

Fully integrated with the MIS with one common database.

One point of truth right through the Finance management and MIS system.

Enter once use anywhere within Finance and the MIS as well.

A single login gives access to Finance and the MIS, permissions allowing with a uniform look and feel in a modern browser design.

Secure anytime, anywhere access with no need for software installation.

To minimise re-training, Finance has been carefully designed as a ‘drop in replacement’ for the most widely used finance management system used in maintained schools. Finance is also being developed to bring in the advanced controls needed by Academies and MATs.

Bromcom Finance simplifies usually complex accounts processes, leaving you with more time for your everyday activities.

Primary School MIS

Brings common ‘live data feed’ dashboards within the MIS/Finance solution for the Leadership team (subject to privileges).

Fully integrated with Bromcom’s new ‘Advanced Report Builder’ (ARB) to enable the development of additional reports and adjustment of existing reports.

No need for a new licence if converting to an Academy and therefore no new licence charge.

Fully integrated with MAT Vision to provide MAT level reporting with consolidation with aggregated data.

Microsoft Power BI integration to give live data feeds.

The Bromcom Cloud MIS Finance Brochure