The Bromcom Multi-Academy Vision solution is designed for multi-academy trusts and school federations with a role in overseeing the performance of their schools. It provides an online portal for viewing and aggregating data from multiple schools, partnered together in a Trust, or Federation. Vision combines data on student attendance, behaviour and attainment as well as staff absence from multiple schools to provide oversight of individual and relative performance of your school/academy.

The Bromcom MIS is cloud based, one integrated system with everything you need.


Multi-Academy Vision is a web based portal, accessible anywhere via web browser with no need to download or install software. Data flow into Vision is automatic so does not require manual intervention or maintenance. Access levels, however, are fully customisable to ensure specific user groups only see the data relevant to them.

Vision aggregates data in four main areas, student attendance, behaviour (including exclusions), attainment and staff absence. Data drawn from these areas of each individual school MIS can be compared at the school level and broken down further by contextual factors such as gender, ethnicity and eligibility for Free School Meals.

Through the easy to navigate web interface data can be interrogated at the trust/federation and individual school level, with further drill down. Predefined graphs allow instant comparisons to be made between member schools, while custom tools enable the user to combine and map the data according to their specific requirements. It is a reporting and analysis service that works in tandem with the Bromcom MIS.

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Vision enables users to take the next step, comparing performance and helping identify and measure the many dimensions related to performance. It supports collaboration between schools to highlight and share good practice, an essential ingredient of improvement. Vision makes such collaboration easy and accessible to all relevant partners.

Vision is designed to provide easy dissection of your data into various groups, including all the common vulnerable groups, to check performance against progress measures. The extent of the comparison is only limited by the data available and the harmonisation of data collection approaches taken by each school, such as having common approaches to assessment/life without levels structures.

Vision is cloud hosted and designed for anywhere, anytime access to your data, thus enabling real time information sharing in the local community.

Primary School MIS

Advanced Report Builder

Vision includes Advanced Report Builder which allows you to create your own reports on multiple aspects of performance. Advanced Reports can have multiple, separately filtered, sections; can group and summarise data and deploy a wide range of calculations, both within data sets and as floating variables.

Microsoft Power BI

It is also possible to interrogate MAT Vision data using Microsoft Power BI. The entirety of the database can be queried via a secure, automated data feed powering dashboards that can also link to financial/HR systems or any other data sources. The BI content is embedded in MAT Vision, giving you a secure, read-only view showing the exact visualisations and key performance indicators your trust want to track. Dashboards created this way provide an interactive platform for dissecting the performance at high performing schools or departments and these areas of excellence can then be used to set benchmarks for the trust as a whole.


"It has been refreshing to work in partnership with a MIS developer that genuinely listens to customer feedback to help improve both the product and user experience. I believe that with this kind of customer focused collaboration, the system will just keep on getting better and better."

user Peter Smith,
Data and MIS Analyst
Harris Federation

"Bromcom’s customer support is excellent, I like the daily transition calls, the response time is brilliant and of course the product itself is very good."

user Philip Furnival Jones,
Data Manager
Ark Globe Academy

"I just wanted to pass on my thanks and praise to Chad for the excellent training over the past week. I am in [no] doubt that it [will] prove to have a positive impact on our academies."

user George Taylor,
Data Manager
David Ross Education Trust

“Bromcom is a revelation – so user friendly and intuitive. Has made tracking and entering student data so much easier and faster to access!”

user Helen Palmer,
IT Team
Harris Federation

"The project to onboard 53 Oasis Academies to Bromcom in three months has been an overwhelming success. Working closely in partnership, we were able to deliver complex data migrations ahead of schedule. "

user Jim Gardner,
Head of Strategic IT Projects
Oasis Community Learning

"Bromcom and MAT Vision has caused a change in mind set across our trust. As a trust all these things matter, better information being recorded, faster and more regular communication with parents & staff allowing action to be taken sooner.

user Sam Jukes,
Senior Data Analyst
Bedford Catholic Schools

The Bromcom MAT Vision Brochure