Bromcom’s solution adapts to fit your needs. Our community of users ensure that our MIS solution can keep up with all of your schools` activities. Bromcom offers a combination of training solutions for all users. Our teams of expert support staff, developers, trainers and sales personnel are quickly growing as we expand into new areas, making us one of the fastest growing providers in the UK.

Bromcom Primary MIS is an extremely powerful, intuitive and friendly primary school software solution.

Primary School MIS


A user friendly interface that gives you all the tools you need to analyse, track and follow how pupils are performing. Following recent educational guidelines, we have worked with our users to provide the best Assessment without levels templates and guides.

Registration and Attendance

A simple and fast registration system for teachers, live data for administration staff to see am and pm attendance and any missing registers. A special feature is the one click fire drill report print out.


Built in SMS messaging, email and push notifications that provides a powerful tool for communication with parents, pupils and staff.

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Primary School MIS


An integrated behaviour management system, you can enter behaviour from any window, including registration, create escalation pathways and also parent emails through the built in ‘My Child at School’ feature and app. Easily create reports to enable analysis and parent’s evening print outs.


We work closely with the DfE to create the most up to date census reports. The Bromcom MIS conforms to the DfE’s statutory data collection requirements, we provide the tools to create school workforce census easily and seamlessly.


Easily manage Dinner money, with built in payments and administration as well as the ability for parents to check the balance and top up online.

Bromcom’s solution adapts to fit your needs.

Primary School MIS


The Bromcom MIS has many pre designed reports, that can be customised to your needs, available throughout the system, these can be sent straight to your inbox or available when you log in to the system.


Organise your school events with ease – parents evening, extra-curricular, room and equipment booking all integrated with other features in the Bromcom MIS.

Parent Portal

MyChildAtSchool is our online portal for parents that enables them to view their child's performance at school online. Behaviour, attendance, notices, dinner money and all communication with the school – including booking parent’s evening slots.


"Bromcom makes our jobs easier and it's a lot more efficient than our previous system."

user Samantha Garnet,
Administrative Assistant
Lower Fields Primary School

"The features on Bromcom are extremely easy to use and you can receive relevant details very quickly."

user Lynne Daff,
Attendance Officer
Knowleswood Primary School

"Bromcom has created a tailor made system for our EYFS data. It is easy to use and allows us to access attainment and progress data with ease. If we needed it, support has always been on hand."

user Jason Millington,
Deputy Headteacher
Windmill Primary School

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