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Ben Mort

Head of IT and Data - Pennine Trust

"Bromcom does everything it claims and reliably. That is one of the major appeals - the ability to reduce the amount of 3rd party packages to manage and pay for. There are things it does that we didn't even realise it would do for us, like completely streamline our behaviour system by automatically notifying key stakeholders (teachers, parents, the student) when a behaviour event is logged. It's a beast of a system with loads of facets."


Derek Hills

Head of Data and MIS - Harris Federation

“Moving from our old MIS to a new solution was daunting to say the least. We had vast experience and knowledge of our systems at that time, and had only 3 month to migrate over 40 schools. The whole process from the migrations, to training and implementation was delivered exactly to the project plan that we agreed. I honestly do not believe that we will ever truly appreciate the scale of what was achieved by both our team here at Harris and by Bromcom.”

“The savings we have made in admin time are immensurable. The savings we have made on 3rd party system is also quite incredible. When we made the decision to move MIS we simply wanted a solution that was as good as our ‘current’ MIS provider, however, I honestly believe that as our partnership and collective desire to achieve an Outstanding MIS system continues to develop, we have found a solution that is so much better”

“It has been refreshing to work in partnership with a MIS developer that genuinely listens to customer feedback to help improve both the product and user experience. I believe that with this kind of customer focused collaboration, the system will just keep on getting better and better”

"Bromcom’s unique quality is that they listen to customers, they don’t think they have the perfect system like some MIS providers do and they are always willing to respond to customer feedback to continually improve."


Sam Jukes

Senior Data Analyst - Bedford Catholic Schools

"As a trust all the following things matter: better information being recorded, faster and more regular communication with parents & staff allowing action to be taken sooner. With MAT vision we can pool all of this information from across our trust into a single data source. Combining MAT Vision with Power BI we can leverage that data source to produce metrics that are important to us and our values, which in turn help us deploy resources & staff in a way that drives improvement."


Fergal Moane

Assistant Headteacher - Sandringham School

"Thanks to you and your teams for the support that we have received in migrating to Bromcom. I would like to compliment you upon the rapid turnaround on support issues and the knowledgeable and helpful attitude of all your staff."


Richard Shepherd

IT Team - Harris Girls' Academy East Dulwich

“We definitely would recommend Bromcom, it’s really easy to use, has an intuitive design and everything is straight forward even our non-techy staff find it easy.”


Malcolm Chalmers

Data Manager - Bishop Stopford`s School

“We changed our MIS to Bromcom this time last year and are very happy with it. The move was painless and the staff at Bromcom could not have been more helpful. Bromcom is a very progressive company and in the last year we have seen many improvements to a great product"


Gillian Hardacre

Primary Director - Ryedale Federation

"The Attainment and Progress Report from Bromcom gives us everything we need for end of term and almost everything for "Ofsted, the amount of data analysis is immense. Having it web based with access anywhere is a massive tick in the box."


Beverley Mills

IT Team - Harris Academy Rainham

“I would definitely recommend a new school to have the Bromcom MIS because they can set it up completely how they want”


Philip Furnival Jones

Data Manager - Ark Globe Academy

“Bromcom’s customer support is excellent, I like the daily transition calls, the response time is brilliant and of course the product itself is very good”


Elisabeth Hall

Business Manager - King Alfred's Academy

“We switched from SIMS to Bromcom and we are finding it a vast improvement”


Nicola Scott-Worthington

Deputy Head Primary - Hadley Learning Community

“Bromcom has now developed so that we can easily analyse data across the whole school to have a greater impact on pupil outcomes”


Steve Wheatley

Vice Principal - Harris Garrard Academy

”We’re excited to be developing the results analysis capabilities of MAT Vision in partnership with Bromcom. By creating an online resource in Power BI everyone from federation executives to classroom teachers will be able to analyse data as soon as it’s collected, helping us work together to improve outcomes.”


Sukhi Sidhu

Chopham Academy - IT Team

"Bromcom gives us flexibility to customise our Academy data using a range of different templates, colours and styles."


George Taylor

Data Manager - David Ross Education Trust

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks and praise to Chad for the excellent training over the past week. I am in [no] doubt that it [will] prove to have a positive impact on our academies.”


Jennie Harwood

IT Team - Harris Academy Beckenham

"Bromcom is a good system, the analysis section is very good."


Vikki Melhuish

IT Team - Harris Primary Academy Orpington

“The reporting module is extremely user-friendly and easy for non IT professionals.”


Donna Neblett

IT Team - Harris Primary Academy Purley Way

"I love the fact that reports are there ready for you to use. This saves so much time."