School MIS

At Bromcom, we’ve mastered our craft, creating a cloud service that is intuitive and accessible to achieve easier-learning for kids and help teachers keep track of what is happening within their classrooms.

We follow modern education guidelines, to create a system that follows live data, attendance and registration and even use in-built SMS and Push notifications, to bring your establishment into the digital age.

You’ll even be able to track the learning progress of students, by keeping a record of previous markings and grades throughout assessments in the past. This can all be utilised to keep track of what a student needs to work on, helping you to teach effectively and streamlining your own workload. This is just our Primary School Cloud system.

We have a wide array of class MIS for Primary School and Secondary Schools, as well as a number of other cloud systems and training services to ensure that you get the best out of your school or business through the use of Bromcom.

To find out more about what we offer, or if you have any questions you would like answered, get in contact with our support team on our website, alternatively, give us a ring on: 020 8290 7100.