How To Maximise The Benefits Of Our Financial Management System

The finances of every school in the company are always under the microscope. Every little expenditure will need to be balanced and compared to a budget, ensuring that you constantly remain on target.

A financial management system can help to improve your effectiveness and agility when it comes to your budget and expenditures. At Bromcom Computers we have developed a school MIS (management information system) that can keep your company organised financially for now and in the future.

What’s involved in our financial management system?

Designed and optimised for the varying needs of schools across the UK, our school MIS can offer an array of benefits. We have school MIS and integrated financial management systems that are suitable for primaries, secondaries and academies.

The benefits of implementing our financial management system, Bromcom Finance, include:

  • Merge MIS and finances to keep your whole organisation moving forward
  • Access information at any time without need for specialist software
  • Easy-to-learn system that replicates other financial management platforms
  • Single login allows you access to everything in one portal
  • A common database of information to select from
  • Our financial management system could be ideal for your organisation. Bromcom Finance merges seamlessly with our MIS and offers many more benefits for each specific school that we work with.

    To discover the specifics for your school and how easy it can be integrated, speak with our team today.