Time and Attendance Software

We know it is cliché to say, but we can’t believe it is December! 2019 seems to have flown by and we are pleased to say that this year has been an excellent one for us here at Bromcom. To-date, we have been providing our range of school MIS to our clients throughout the UK and we are certainly looking forward to seeing what 2020 has in-store! Now is also the perfect opportunity to thank all of the schools that have come to us this year and are now using Bromcom MIS within their facility.

If you have found us online because you are looking for fully integrated time and attendance software for your school for you to better analyse pupil attendance for the new year, then we can certainly help. Our software has been created to help schools easily pull information from all departments and areas of their schools. This data can then be analysed and used to help streamline processes and ensure your pupils receive the best learning experience.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with you have any questions about Bromcom MIS or in particular, our time and attendance software.You can call us on 020 8290 7100 and we look forward to hearing from you.